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Pendle Borough Council GPC Payment To www.my-tool-shed.co.uk on 14/08/2017 amount £25.95 (137)

Pendle Borough Council (PBC) paid www.my-tool-shed.co.uk £25.95 on Monday, August 14 of 2017. Pendle Borough Council spent £25 on Paint. This information w...

Entity: Pendle Borough Council
Abbreviation: PBC
Expense Type: Paint
Expense Area: Expenses
Transaction Amount: 25.95
Merchant Name: Www.my-tool-shed.co.uk

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Government Procurement Card (GPC) Payments Transactions Reports Paid To www.my-tool-shed.co.uk


This dataset includes all www.my-tool-shed.co.uk GPC payment transactions. Government Procurement Card payments. What is a GPC payment? Government Procurement Card (GPC) is a Visa based purchasing and payments system (not a credit card). It is designed to be simple to use, easy to control and to speed up the process of obtaining goods and services. It reduces the costs of obtaining low value (less than £1,000) goods and services. 

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