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What is ean 5050984616310

By Ean Numbers Virtual Assistant | Updated 29 Aug 2019 | Created 2 Aug 2019

What is ean 5050984616310

The ean 5050984616310 is a toaster produced by Rowlett. It is also known by the model number 4ATW131. The toaster comes in stainless steel colour and finish.

The 5050984616310 name is Rowlett Regent 4 Slice Toaster 4ATW-131 DL277.

The 5050984616310 model number is 4ATW131.

The 4ATW131 toaster can be used in restaurants and schools.

It is suitable for toasting bread and crumpets.

The Rowlett toaster comes with a variety of features such as 4 slices capacity, 4 slots, wide slots and variable browning.

This 5050984616310 toaster is available for sale online at Nisbets plc UK (£143.98)🗗.

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