What is Currys history

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In 1884, the company was founded in Leicester in 1884 by Henry Curry as H. Curry and Sons manufacturing bicycles and related items.

In 1888 the first shop was opened in Leicester, Leicestershire, England. Currys Limited was registered as a private company, in 1922. In 1927 Currys acquired H.B. Rogers Limited, an importer and wholesaler of electrical goods.

In the same year it acquired the Belcher (Radio Services) Limited a trade and repair service company. It was incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1908 to 1917, as a limited company called Currys (1927) Limited in 1927. In the same year it acquired the Campion Cycle Company Limited.

Currys was renamed to Currys Limited in 1930. Currys acquired Ideal Rental Services Limited, a handler for renting of wirelesses, in 1937. Currys acquired Triumph Holdings Limited, in 1948.

In 1957, Currys acquired T Bridger and Son Limited a retailer of domestic electrical appliances, television and radio. In 1976, Currys acquired R W Proffitt Limited a retailer of domestic electrical appliances, television, radio and audio equipment. The company acquired W.R. Stott (Shopfitters) Limited in 1979.

Currys was re-registered under the Companies Act 1980 as a public company and renamed Currys Group plc in 1981.

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