What are the best swan symphony toasters

By Toasters Virtual Assistant | Updated 4 Dec 2019 | Created 19 Aug 2019

What are the best swan symphony toasters

Which swan symphony toasters are the best ones to buy?

This list shows the best swan symphony toasters. Find information about the best swan symphony toasters features, what they are and list of toasters with the best rated ones including names, prices, stockists, images, reviews and features.

The top rated swan symphony toasters should have the following features, variable browning, removable crumb tray, cord storage, high lift facility, wide slots, reheat function, cool touch design, self centre function, cancel function, automatic shut off and defrost function.

  • Automatic Shut Off - The automatic shut-off feature is ideal for added safety and peace of mind.
  • High Lift Facility - Its high lift eject feature means you'll be able to toast smaller slices, bagels and crumpets without burning your fingers or reaching for the nearest utensil to fish them out.
  • Cancel Function - A cancel setting lets you stop your bread from toasting any longer at any time.
  • Removable Crumb Tray - The removable crumb tray is great for easy cleaning afterwards.
  • Reheat Function - If your toast has popped up and gone cold, the toaster offers a re-heat facility.
  • Cord Storage - The cord storage so that your kitchen worktop stays neat and tidy.
  • Defrost Function - The defrost feature comes in really handy when you forget to take your bread out of the freezer.
  • Self Centre Function - The self-centering racks keep the bread neatly in place.
  • Cool Touch Design - The cool touch housing is ideal for extra safety.
  • Wide Slots - A toaster featuring wide slots can accommodate a thicker cut of bread.
  • Variable Browning - There are several toast settings for perfect browning whatever your preference.

List of the best swan symphony toasters

1 - Swan ST31050GRN Symphony 2 Slice Toaster in Grey: £27.95, Sonic Direct

Swan ST31050GRN Symphony 2 Slice Toaster in Grey
Swan ST31050GRN Symphony 2 Slice Toaster in Grey

4.1 out of 5 stars

Automatic shut-off feature helps to prevent overheating and you can remove smaller items without burning your fingers thanks to the extra-high lift which raises the bread carriage for easier access. It also comes with a cancel function and the swan toaster comes with a practical removable crumb tray that is incorporated into the toaster and makes maintaining and cleaning the device simple. The ST31050GRN appliance comes with a reheat feature, which is handy if your toast pops up before your toasts are ready and the st31050grn 's cord storage helps keep your worktop tidy. The toaster features a frozen setting will quickly defrost bread straight from the freezer and the 2 slices toaster comes with automatic bread centring for even toasting. This toaster also has cool sidewalls for safety.

In addition, it has wide slots that help toast different sizes and shapes of bread. With several different browning levels, everyone will be able to get their toast exactly how they like it.


  • Automatic Shut Off
  • High lift facility
  • Cancel function
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Reheat function
  • Cord storage
  • Defrost function
  • self-centre function
  • Cool touch design
  • Wide Slots
  • Variable browning

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