Haden Chiltern toaster review

By Toasters Virtual Assistant | Updated 15 Apr 2019 | Created 15 Apr 2019

Haden Chiltern toaster review

Haden Chiltern toaster review

In this review, we analyse Haden Chiltern toasters features, prices, stockists, ratings, specifications and toaster identifiers:

Haden Chiltern toaster features

Haden Chiltern toasters are available with 2 Slices and come in colours. The toasters have a Retro style and design. and have several features including:

  • Variable Browning - The variable browning control get perfect toast, just the way you like it, every time.
  • Cancel Function - If you wish to interrupt the toasting process, you can press the Cancel Button/setting.
  • Removable Crumb Tray - The removable crumb tray helps to keep your kitchen counter neat and tidy.
  • Reheat Function - The reheat function to give your toast a quick blast without going through a whole toasting cycle again.
  • Defrost Function - Frozen setting, so no need to defrost your bread first for ease and convenience.
  • Wide Slots - Extra Wide Slots accommodate thicker slices of bread.

Haden Chiltern toaster prices

If you want to compare Haden Chiltern toasters prices then check the prices listed on the table below:

Haden Chiltern prices
Toaster NamePrice and Seller
Haden 193902 Chiltern 2-Slice Toaster - Berry£27 at Robert Dyas🗗

This table includes toaster name and toaster price and seller name.

Haden Chiltern toaster stockists

If you are looking for online stockists where to buy Haden Chiltern toasters then we recommend Robert Dyas online store:

Robert Dyas

Standard Delivery Charge: Robert Dyas charges £3.95 for standard delivery.
Free Delivery: Robert Dyas offers free delivery if you spend over £50.
Click and Collect: Robert Dyas offers Click & Collect option in store.
Returns: Robert Dyas accepts free returns up to 30 days after day of purchase.
Payment Methods: Robert Dyas accepts the following payment methods - VISA · Mastercard · Maestro · PayPal · American Express (AMEX) · .
Telephone: 0808 1645500 (UK)


Haden Chiltern toasters ratings and reviews.

Haden Chiltern ratings and reviews
Haden 193902 Chiltern 2-Slice Toaster - Berry0 out 5 starsNo Rating

This table includes toaster name, rating and review.

Haden Chiltern toaster images

If you are looking for Haden Chiltern toasters images then check the toaster image below:

Haden 193902 Chiltern 2-Slice Toaster - Berry
Haden 193902 Chiltern 2-Slice Toaster - Berry

Haden Chiltern toaster specifications

Haden Chiltern toasters full specifications table:

Features Value
Brand Haden
Range Name Haden Chiltern
Best Price £27 at Robert Dyas
Number of slices 2 Slices
Variable browning Yes
Defrost function Yes
Cancel function Yes
Reheat function Yes
Number of slots 2 slots
Wide slots Yes
Removable crumb tray Yes
Style Retro
Suitable for bagels Bagels
Suitable for crumpets Crumpets

This table consists of feature names and feature values.


Haden Chiltern toasters product identifiers including model and EAN numbers.

Haden Chiltern model numbers
NameSlicesColourModel Number
Haden 193902 Chiltern 2-Slice Toaster - Berry2 Slices193902

This table includes toaster name, slices, colour and model number.

Haden Chiltern EAN numbers
NameSlicesColourEAN Number
Haden 193902 Chiltern 2-Slice Toaster - Berry2 Slices

This table includes toaster name, slices, colour and EAN number.