Cuisinart CPT2000BKU

Cuisinart CPT2000BKU review

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Cuisinart CPT2000BKU review
Cuisinart CPT2000BKU
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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  • There is a cancel button so you can pop up your toast whenever you want.
  • You can thaw out frozen bread with the defrost setting.
  • It has a bagel function that toasts just the cut side of the bagel.
  • For added safety and peace of mind it has cool touch design.
  • With several different browning levels, everyone will be able to get their toast exactly how they like it.
  • High lift for easy toast removal.


This chart shows the ratings for Cuisinart CPT2000BKU toaster including, features, functions, design, safety, ease of use, price and users ratings.

This chart shows the ratings for Cuisinart CPT2000BKU toaster including, features, functions, design, safety, ease of use, price and users ratings.

You can thaw out frozen bread with the defrost setting and the slots are wide enough to accommodate a thicker slice of bread. The Cuisinart toaster has a mid cycle cancel function allowing you to cancel your toasting mid cycle if you're in a hurry.

It can toast up to two slices of bread at a time. It is made of plastic and this cuisinart toaster has a black colour. You can select your perfect setting for golden brown toast with the variable browing control.

Additionally, it has a modern style. The toaster offers a cool touch design and with the high lift feature the bread can be moved up to a higher position and is kept there for safely retrieving. It has a metallic finish.

With a bagel feature you’ll enjoy perfect results - toasted one side while warmed on the other. This toaster has an easy clean-up thanks to the removable crumb tray.


Cuisinart is an American manufacturer of home appliances, founded in Chicago in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer. Cuisinart specialises in blenders, bread makers, can openers, coffee makers, electric knives, electric skillets, espresso makers, food processors, grills, hand blenders, hand mixers, ice cream makers, yogurt makers, juicers, microwaves, popcorn makers, slow cookers, rice cookers, specialty appliances, stand mixers, tea kettles, toaster oven broilers, toasters, Waffle makers, Wine chillers, cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, flatware, cutlery, tools, gadgets and outdoor grills.

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What should your consider when deciding to buy the CPT2000BKU ?

If you are considering buying the Cuisinart toaster you should consider the following:

  • This toaster can heat 2 slices at once. It is also has a compact size, so it doesn't take too much space on your kitchen counter. Although, it is not as suitable for families as a four-slice toaster is.
  • The toaster is made of plastic which is not as durable as a stainless steel toaster.


What is the price of the CPT2000BKU ?

The Cuisinart toaster cheapest price is £39.99 in UK.

In this section, we have compared the prices for Cuisinart CPT2000BKU available for sale on the following online retailers.

    Toaster Name Brand Store Price
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU Cuisinart Hughes £39.99

    You can compare this toaster price with similar Cuisinart toasters with 2 Slices in the table below:

    Toaster Brand Country Price
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU Cuisinart UK £39.99

    Compare all Cuisinart toasters prices in UK.


    If you are looking to buy the CPT2000BKU online, then check these stockists websites below:


    In this section, you can compare the Cuisinart toaster ratings.

    The following table shows the ratings for Cuisinart toaster, including feature name, rating and review:

    Feature Rating Review
    Features 5 out 5 stars Very Good
    Functions 4 out 5 stars Good
    Safety 4 out 5 stars Good
    Design 5 out 5 stars Very Good
    Ease of use 5 out 5 stars Very Good
    Price 4 out 5 stars Good
    Users 3 out 5 stars Average
    Overall Rating 4.3 out 5 stars Good

    We determine a toaster's feature score by scoring the toaster's specification features and then adding the scores to determine whether the product has a great specification.

    This table lists the Cuisinart toaster ratings found on these online sites listed below:

    Toaster (Website) Review Price Rating Last Checked
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU ( Average £27.99 3.5 6 February 2019
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU ( Very Good £35 5 7 February 2019
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU ( Poor £35 2 7 February 2019
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU ( Average £35 3.1 7 February 2019
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU ( Very Good £22.95 5 7 February 2019
    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU ( Poor £22.95 2 7 February 2019

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    Average Rating🗗 and🗗 website users rate the Cuisinart toaster as a average toaster.

    Very Good Rating🗗 and🗗 website users rate the Cuisinart toaster as a very good toaster.

    Poor Rating🗗 and🗗 website users rate the Cuisinart toaster as a poor toaster.


    Here you can view the Cuisinart CPT2000BKU full specification list of features.

    Features Value
    Name Cuisinart CPT2000BKU
    Brand Cuisinart
    Model number CPT2000BKU
    Colour Black
    Best Price £39.99 at Hughes
    Number of slices 2 Slices
    Variable browning Yes
    Defrost function Yes
    Cancel function Yes
    Bagel function Yes
    Number of slots 1 Slot
    Wide slots Yes
    Removable crumb tray Yes
    Cool touch design Yes
    High lift facility Yes
    Material Plastic
    EAN 3030058120006
    Style Modern
    Finish Metallic

    This table consists of CPT2000BKU toaster feature names and feature values.


    Compare the Cuisinart toaster with the best toaster models with similar features.

    Cuisinart CPT2000BKU comparisons table
    Hotpoint TT12EAR0 Digital Toaster 2 slice 1 slot

    Hotpoint TT12EAR0

    The browning control regulates how much the bread is toasted and a frozen bread function lets you toast items straight from the freezer. You don't have to worry about getting to the toaster before it cools using the reheat function and there is an automatic safety shut-off in the event of jammed bread. The TT12EAR0 features wide slots with space for thick slices and cord storage - keep your kitchen worktop neat and tidy with hidden cord storage. The high lift function lets you easily remove smaller bread slices safely and to keep your kitchen counter neat and tidy the toaster features a removable crumb tray. The TT12EAR0 appliance's toasting process can be stopped at any time by pressing the cancel button. The cheapest price is £69 from Electricshop.

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    RUSSELL HOBBS 21310 2-Slice Toaster - Black Glass, Black 2Slice

    Russell Hobbs 21310

    Variable browning settings for perfect toast every time and the 2 slices toaster has a mid-cycle cancellation option. Reheat setting alllows you to quickly reheat your toast and a removable crumb tray is easy to clean and keeps messy crumbs at bay. It comes with a defrost function. The cheapest price is £49.79 from Currys.

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    Smart Worldwide SMART 2-Slice Tunnel Toaster STT7000

    Smart STT7000

    The STT7000 toaster has a cancel button so you can pop up your toast whenever you want and it comes with an adjustable browning feature that lets you specify exactly how you like you toast. The reheat function keeps the bread warm until you’re ready to eat and the defrost function will warm bread first then toast it, all in one cycle. The removable crumb tray makes it easy for you to keep your toaster clean and tidy. The cheapest price is £59.99 from Robert Dyas.

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    Morphy Richards 228000 Redefine Glass Toaster in Black

    Morphy Richards 228000

    It comes with a reheat function and a cancel function allows you to stop the cycle mid-way to prevent accidental burning. The Variable browning control is used to choose your preferred browning level and the defrost function is great if you keep your bread frozen. The cheapest price is €174.79 from Electricshopping Ireland.

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    Should I buy the Cuisinart CPT2000BKU or not?

    This CPT2000BKU toaster has 2 slices capacity, modern style, metallic finish, black colour, variable browning control, cancel function, defrost function and the cheapest price is £39.99 at hughes. It also has wide slots, bagel function, high lift facility and cool touch design.

    There are some alternative toasters to the CPT2000BKU toaster that you should consider, which have the same main features, including Russell Hobbs 21310, Russell Hobbs 23380, Smart STT7000, Hotpoint TT12EAR0 and Morphy Richards 228000.

    This toaster has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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